Safety Delivery

Safety for food

To ensure the safety of having meals during the epidemic period, restaurants have activated some emergency measures, including: taking staff's temperature, all staff are required to wear masks and wash hands frequently and thoroughly disinfect the dining environment to ensure the health and safety of both customers and employees.


Safety during delivery

DADA express is the leading local instant delivery platform of DADA Group in China. During the special period, DADA delivery platform fully guarantees the national delivery service, comprehensively launches the noncontact delivery service, avoids face-to-face contact, and reduces the risk of infection. The platform issued a notice to the couriers of the whole country, advocating that the couriers should take safety as the first priority, and must adhere to the daily temperature measurement, wear a mask and disinfect the distribution box; strictly prohibit the delivery of live poultry, livestock, wild animals and their related semi-finished products.

FlashEx has set up with non-contact delivery service to avoid direct contact in the food delivery process. 

In this mode, the senders and the customers will keep a safe distance of 2 meters, in order to avoid the risk of infection.

At the same time of noncontact delivery, the senders are required to change masks frequently, take temperature frequently and wash hands frequently, what's more, they should double protect the outer packaging of the delivered food, disinfect and clean the distribution box, and report to the platform in time in case of any abnormality. In addition, the FlashEx service mode of "one-to-one urgent delivery" ensures that only one order is served at a time, avoiding the risk of infection brought by the combinated orders and adding a layer of guarantee for safe delivery.

According to the current statistics, there is not a single case of deliveryman infected with the Novel Coronavirus in the country.